First Time Playing Pool

“It’s simple. Just hit the ball with the stick. Peice of cake” thought the naive Helene. I always underestimated the game of pool, never thought there was much technique to it. Well, obviously you need to know your angles, but that’s not hard. 

On May 26 2017, My siblings and I were chilling with some friends. Having nothing to do and not wanting to look like the juvenile kids around us acting cool and being loud in McDonald’s. We decided to pick my brother up on his idea of going to play pool. Despite us being excited, only two out of the five have ever played it. Oddly enough, it was the girls who have never played it and was the most excited. Therefore, we made our way to Unison lounge in St. Laurent around 10 o’clock at night. At the counter we asked for a table for an hour and we were given table 17. My brother and a friend set up the table as the girls and I stood around chitchatting and getting our cues. 

We were split into 2 groups while my brother decided to stand around and teach us. On my team, was Stephanie and I on the opposing team was my sister, Edith and Damian. The opposing team started the game with a “spread” if I’m not mistaken. As the game went on, we all took turns and it was going at a reasonable speed for new players till it was my turn. If memory serves me right, Im pretty sure on my first turn to hit the balls I completely missed and ended up hitting the air. All of a sudden we all went quiet and I knew what was going to follow after. Shrieks of laughters. I was right, they all started laughing and Sesha, my partner came up to me trying to console me and said ” Good try!”. That was when I noticed I’m going to have to laugh at myself tonight and just make jokes. 

As we kept on playing I repeatedly failed at hitting the balls without touching any other balls, hitting in the right angle, hitting the ball without making it leap and I also failed in not taking five minutes to do one failed shot. I eventually started to sweat and get really itchy due to nervousness. I kept telling Stephanie “it is mad hot!!” and she will tell me to remove my leather jacket not knowing that as not the issue. For someone who does not enjoy being embarrassed I had to play it cool the whole night because I failed through all of it. 

Was playing pool fun? Yes it was, I really enjoyed myself mainly because of the crowd that was there. It’s the crowd that really made the game fun, we were dancing to music, making jokes, and chitchatting. So it’s the environment that made the game enjoyable.

Is it a hard game to play for someone that never played it before? The idea/goal of the game is not hard to understand. Take your stick and hit the opposing’s team into a hole. The way of reaching that goal is a bit hard. The stance, the hand position and the angle. I think it’s something a person learns overtime. 

Talking about stance, was it awkward having my brother teach me? It literally wasn’t because the other person doesn’t need to be on the other person to teach them how to play. My brother will just move my hand or just say “you cue is not straight”. Movies totally gives a false look on how pool is taught lol. 

Was the position as a whole awkward? I might give a bias answer because a lot in life is awkward for me. If you’re anything like me as in if you’re shy and self conscious then then position is hella awkward at first. It’s not everyday I place my upper body on a table while stretching my arm across the table and holding a long stick. I was self conscious a lot because at that point I’m questioning whether my underwear is showing? does my butt look odd? Does my whole position look like someone wailing for air and reaching for life? But overtime the setting became less focused on the game and more of a social thing so I knew no one was noticing me and I was at ease with that thought.

Was it pricey? Well it’s $15/hr and apparently their suppose to tell you when your registered time is up. We stayed for more than an hour and we ended up paying 23-30$. If everyone is pitching in then it’s less pricey. 

Was Unison lounge a nice environment? The interior was nice, not messy at all. There was an eating area, a bar (I think), lounge, and a pool area. I didn’t eat I only drank water but the food smelled good. It wasn’t full there was like 30 tables and 3 groups playing.  I liked it, the bathroom was neat. I’ll definitely wanna go back.

Would I play pool again? Yes!


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