6 Weeks of Questioning 21 years


For the past six weeks, I’ve been non-active on my social media because I had traveled to Ghana. (Not Guyana). I did have internet access but it was limited so I did not do much except keeping in touch with two to three friends. So, I am very sorry if my Instagram, Youtube and my blog have not been updated. 
Spending six weeks in Ghana to me was not the best idea ever because I like my hometown and my friends here. I like being surrounded by laptops, televisions, empty sofas and a camera recording my every movement. Being in the middle of nowhere with no connection to my friends or even people I was not fond of was not something I wanted to do. Yet, I went ahead a sat on the plane and spent six weeks with my family in a country I’ve been to many times but never called home. 

You’d think the worst part of the trip for me would be being away from my friends but, no. It was being with my family for a month and 2 weeks and not being capable of escaping if needed. Even if I could have escaped, I would not want to, because the last thing I want is being alone in a country of people I don’t know but they can know me because I look like my father, my mother or a relative that owns a well off business. So, I stuck it through and now here I am, in Canada alive and somewhat more bored than I was on my trip. Despite, spending a lot of moments with my siblings and mother there were moments where it was just nature and I. Only me and the trees, the wind blowing, the red dust on the road or the annoying flies that left marks all over my beautiful body.  

These moments allowed me to think a lot about everything in my life but mainly myself and how I am living life at the moment. I realized I lived in so much fear and just wanted to live a happy life where everything between the sky and the ground is happy.  (This topic will definitely make it onto my Youtube channel because I have a lot to say. So if you are more of a listener than a reader, go ahead and check my Youtube channel Akua Mode) I Would not have thought such a positive thing could come out so negative. I would put my integrity on the line just to make someone I care about change a frown to smile. Or simply avoid confrontations when it was important to me so I will not upset the other person despite the anger or pain I felt. In other words, I will say I try to avoid any emotions other than happiness because the others are so painful and bad. 

As a result, I lived to please others and gave people something to hold over my head. This made me think of questions that I will like to blog about while discovering myself and where I want to be in life. What I really got from the trip was I should always try to be the best version of me and not allow my surrounding or the people around me change me. This applies to my relationship with God and how I should not let someone’s action affect my relationship with him. Therefore some questions/topics came to mind and are going to be my future blogs if all goes well. I will be talking about these topics on my Youtube Channel (LINK BELOW), so if you’re interested check out my channel AKUA MODE and I will keep you updated with my thoughts. 

  1. Am I Satisfied With Myself? 
  2. Anger- Don’t Let It Get There
  3. Confrontation vs Dramatic
  4. Why Does Their Opinion Matter To Me?

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Akua Mode Link Here


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