Honey Boo Boo, Plans Are Just Plans. Things Change.

For the past couple of months, life has been teaching me that what we plan is not necessarily always going to happen. We may sketch out a graph marking our steps as to what we are going to do in the months or years to come, but if it is not God’s plan or path for you then it’s not going to occur. I had the hardest of times with accepting this because I had my eyes on one thing and nothing else. So seeing that dream/goal slip away from me and into someone’s else hand was a very sad yet quick reality call and for a moment even till now I still think at times “I only want that one thing or I want nothing else.”

Unfortunately, a lot of us do this with our schooling, relationships, body goals, careers, and the material things we have in life. We focus our mind, heart, and soul into achieving that one objective that we think we have to live up to or we passionately want. Everything other than that nice car, your boyfriend/crush, dream career or whatever it is you have your eyes on is not in your mind or just too low (or too high) for you. Please, do not mistake what I’m saying. I am not saying that it’s bad to know what you want and go after your dreams, but I find it bad placing your identity and life into that dream so if one day you lose it, you do not know what to do with yourself or who you are. This will cause the biggest headache and/or heartache to some people when it could have been avoided from the beginning if we all just understand plans are just plans. It doesn’t mean we wrote it down on the calendar it’s going to happen and as depressing and negative that sounds it is true. Better learn to accept it sooner than later.

Now, this does not mean make goals and flake on them. Still, try to achieve it, if you reach a road blocker find a way around it, go on your knees and pray for a miracle so you can reach it. Because then again God did say “Ask and it will be given to you” ( Matthew 7:7) so do not ever give up on your goals unless you’ve tried everything and you’ve received a no from God. Sorry, I went all Christian over there it’s hard not to haha but technically what I’m saying is struggle to reach the goal and do not stop till you know that fighting to reach that goal will compromise your morals and it will hurt you in a negative way. Learn to dream big and shoot for the stars, whatever your stars are, for each person it’s all different as I talk about in my blog Career Choice: We Don’t See The Same Stars. Just to make it clear and remind all you awesome humans, not reaching your goal this year does not mean you will not reach it next year. Maybe what you thought you needed in 2017 might be what you need in 2018. We don’t know the end goals of what we plan, maybe buying that new car this year would have made you struggled financially whereas if you bought it next year you would be able to support yourself more financially. This goes for everything we plan in life and it’s hard to accept and wait for it so we get fidgety and annoyed cause we are past our deadline but not the universe’s or God’s deadline which is the most important.

I’m not writing this with the attitude of someone who knows better and looking down at everyone else while giving advice. I’m struggling to learn all this as well and blogging it was helping me voice my thought and lessons while helping myself and hopefully anyone else in the same shoe whether it be last year, the present or tomorrow. I literally stay up at night crying over something that happened that I didn’t plan and it shocked me to the point that I have to cry haha. So no one is perfect and we’re all learning to live life the best we can and this was just something I learnt that I felt the need to share with other people. Hope you took something from it as much as I did. Till next time.


4 Replies to “Honey Boo Boo, Plans Are Just Plans. Things Change.”

  1. I experience the same thing. Plans will never run perfectly 100% as planned. There will always an interruption appear on our path to achieve it. Even sometimes some plans are impossible to accomplish.

    I’m not religious, but I do believe God has his own plans for us, and those plans are much more better for us if we just let go of our ego and being light headed and open our hearts just a little. Maybe the plan we wrote has to wait. Perhaps we looked too far away and mistakenly overlooked which is more essential to us for the moment.

    Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. I love you soon much!!! I feel like we have similar experiences and I can relate yo you so much. I experience these things only that it seems to come easier to write them and expose your experience n lessons to other, while I… I wait to tell my stories… But what your doing is amazing! And you truly are amazing so glad I met you! 😘😘 keep going strong and you know that I am here for you 🙂

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    1. It’s good that you relate haha that’s what the blog is there for so you know there’s someone going through the same stuff and you not alone baby girl 🙂 We all have ways of expressing our self right? Yours can be through that beautiful camera of yours haha. Thanks for the love ❤ I love you as well!


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