Venting (No Edits)



I Messed Up but I’ll Keep Going On

I noticed I was going to the wrong places for reassurance, acceptance, love, and feeling wanted. I have been going on this cycle for a very long time. I would feel unwanted and I will put myself down, then I will find something to make me feel better, that will lead me to feel guilty, I will stop for awhile and I will feel unwanted again. As other times, I decided I need to cut this horrendous cycle so decided to focus on God…

Venting So I Can Focus!

I’m going, to be honest, this is not a Christian rant/blog… I’m not going to be popping out verses anywhere it’s really me just saying “What the flipping wholly Molly cow is this!”  I’m not trying to find a solution haha this is me letting go and not looking back at that situation.