Venting (No Edits)



I Messed Up but I’ll Keep Going On

I noticed I was going to the wrong places for reassurance, acceptance, love, and feeling wanted. I have been going on this cycle for a very long time. I would feel unwanted and I will put myself down, then I will find something to make me feel better, that will lead me to feel guilty, I will stop for awhile and I will feel unwanted again. As other times, I decided I need to cut this horrendousΒ cycle so decided to focus on God…

Venting So I Can Focus!

I’m going, to be honest, this is not a Christian rant/blog… I’m not going to be popping out verses anywhere it’s really me just saying “What the flipping wholly Molly cow is this!” Β I’m not trying to find a solution haha this is me letting go and not looking back at that situation.

I Want to Help…

Just been feeling so deflated and small in life that I want to do something to help people. It also leads back to my schooling and what I’m studying. I know I want a good job but for me, a good job consists of helping and making a change. Sometimes, I wonder if this is my child side talking as my mom will say or if I’m being serious.

NOTICE:Their Opinion Matters

Let me be honest, this blog came out a bit more put together than I thought. I was really steaming up about how people assume they know your intentions and so they label you and ignore you. I’m happy it came off really polite because I was mad when I wrote that blog but then at the same time I’m to blame. I’m too kind and just like doing the whole Kumbaya thing which totally came off like I was flirting. Technically, if you feel upset about people assuming who you are and misunderstanding you. Read this, it’ll calm you down and see things in a different angle. Or not.

Uh, Excuse Me You’ve Mistaken

So I was really upset when I posted the previous blog I had to continue it over here! This is really me snapping my hands in people face after checking me and saying “Honey Boo Boo! You’ve Must Have Mistaken Who I Am!” It’s really easy to be judged and labeled and it’s easy to make people judge you in a wrong way but it;s harder to change their perspectives of you, but we have to!Β  So work on you and go tell them judgmental people who thought they knew you “Uh, Excuse Me You’ve Mistaken”