If you prefer something more raw and unedited then you’ll prefer this section of my blog! In a way, Uncensored is a form of diary for me where I get to express myself  about everything and anything. Some of the topics I have over here are…

You Have A Purpose

“I’m just an empty box. No! I’m just nothing…a box is something and is useful. I am nothing.” I said this two years ago when I was the Vice-President of the Christian Club in my college. I sat in a room talking to a friend who is years older than me but is someone I still go to when I’m in deep waters and need a helping hand. Being shockingly voted for as VP came with responsibilities the people in the club thought I can handle. They saw something in me and wrote my name on the paper right before slipping it into the box. Despite what they felt and thought, to me I felt like I could not help them or be what they needed so I escaped the position physically (literally!)….

I Messed Up but I’ll Keep Going On

In the past two months, I figured out that there was a problem and I wanted to and needed to fix it just to make me feel better. I noticed I was going to the wrong places for reassurance, acceptance, love, and feeling wanted. I have been going on this cycle for a very long time. I would feel unwanted and I will put myself down, then I will find something to make me feel better, that will lead me to feel guilty, I will stop for awhile and I will feel unwanted again. As other times, I decided I need to cut this horrendous cycle so decided to focus on God, not even myself because when I do focus on me I focus on MY issues and MY needs. Whereas when I focus on God I’m focusing on HIS words, HIS promises and HIS will…

Venting So I Can Focus!

Heads up, if you found this blog and you are reading it then I’m impressed because I am not going to share this on my social media. This is only because it’s too close to me and I don’t want people I know reading it right now but I do still want people out there to have something to relate to or have something to read.

I Want to Help…

Is it odd that I don’t really know what I want to do with my life right now? I know I want to interact with humans and help them but I do not really want to always interact with them or act like Mother Theresa because I’m not. I want to inspire people and help them find their way. When people think of me I want them to feel happiness in the midst of their life and think they can do anything and be everything. I want to make a change that is all I know I want to do. Everything I’m doing in life all goes back to advocating and helping people. Yet, somehow I feel like my fire is going to burn out and I am not going to be capable of doing anything…

NOTICE:Their Opinion Matters

As much as I’ve been told this in a negative way, I care about what people think about me. I care if they think I’m mean or kind, if I stink or smell good, if my outfit is nice or ugly and so much more. People are quick to think it’s a bad thing when you care what others think. Society have shoved in our mouth the phrase ” I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about me!” I once use to say that because if I showed that I cared that shows weakness and weakness is not a nice thing. Well I’m 21 years old in University and I’m saying I care about what you think of me because that’s what I’m going to be known for…

Uh, Excuse Me You’ve Mistaken

This is something that is bothering me because I am a really friendly person, I will literally act like we are BFFs after the second encounter (if I liked you). I will be friendly with you whenever I see you, invite you to hangouts with my friends and eventually as time goes on I will message you just to let you know I remember you, like you and want to know how you are doing. Keep in mind, that while I‘m being friendly that is the only thing I‘m doing. I have not attached to the person; I am not opening up to the person, I am just being welcoming. I have had no issues with that personality till I started interacting with males or simply starting University. I‘m starting to realize that not everyone in the World is super friendly and that my friendliness can come off inappropriate.

Get To Know Me – TMI Tag!

Who are you really? Who is behind the mask that you show to the rest of the world?
I’m still figuring that out. I can definitely say behind the mask is gentle, sensitive, opinionated, loving, passionate, funny and ambitious girl on fire that’s been calmed by so many factors in life….